N9TAX Original VHF Slim Jim antenna

N9TAX Original VHF Slim Jim antenna
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  • Item #: VHF_STD
  • Manufacturer: N9TAX
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Price $19.99

    The N9TAX Slim Jim antenna is the highest quality roll up antenna available today. I've been producing these antennas professionally for nearly a decade now and have sold over 15000 units. This in itself says something about the dedication I have to creating a quality product. Many have tried to copy this antenna over the years but none compare to the Authentic N9TAX antenna.




    * Built with durable materials.

    * Sealed from the weather.

    * Proper connectors (no bulkhead female SMA connectors)

    * High quality RG-58 cabling.

    * Durable Ladder wire construction (not tv ribbon cable)

    * Ferrite choke installed on cable.






    * Single Band VHF* (144-148 std).

    * *Can be custom tuned from 136-999 mhz.

    * Antenna body approx 5' in length.

    * Feedline 1' in length.

    * Will handle 100+ watts.

    * 6db of gain.

    * Low radiation takeoff angle (peak <4 degrees)

    * 5 oz total weight.



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